Individual Therapy


Couple's Therapy

      Marital Therapy

      Separation & Divorce


Family Therapy


Group Therapy

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

Sex Therapy

Hypnotherapy (Hypnosis)


Incorporation Therapy™ *


Dr. Karen's *Pre-Marital "Boot Camp" (4 hour course) **


Relationship COACHING***


CeBroker-approved Continuing Education Provider****

 Teens – ages 13 – 18

Adults - ages 16 – 65

General population and LGBTQI Community

Veterans (upon approval from VA or DOD)

  •  * Incorporation Therapy™
  • ** See Dr. Karen's Premarital Relationship Boot Camp  
  • *** Relationship Coaching IS NOT CONSIDERED "THERAPY."
  • ****Anew Focus Training Institute (AFTI) is a Continuing Education Provider in the state of Florida and California and offers lectures and training on all of the above mentioned topics and subjects listed in the SCOPE OF PRACTICE section

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