Dear Prospective Research Participant,

Dr. Karen is looking for volunteers to participate in a study about the after effects of EMOTIONAL TERRORISM. This opportunity is open to WOMEN ONLY.

Dr. Karen E. Engebretsen-Stopczynski (AKA Dr. Karen), along with Anew Focus Training Institute (AFTI - owned by Karen E. Engebretsen, PsyD, LLC), is a privately held corporation and conducting an Independent Research Project investigating the SELF-REPORT aftermath of psychological trauma following victimization of Emotional Terrorism (E. T.).

 The operational definition used to outline the concept of E. T. is a follows:

“An Emotional Terrorist (ET) targets the victim’s emotional well-being and psychological state of mind, with the intent of inflicting adverse, usually devastating consequences, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, socially, sexually, professionally and economically. The ET is likely to possess Narcissistic Sociopathic characteristics and appear quite charming, so their initial tactics may seem fairly benign and thereby easily discounted or minimized. However, once in the clutches of an ET, the underhanded devious maneuvers, become more severe and pervasive over time. ET’s use acts of humiliation, intimidation, confinement, isolation, verbal assault, devaluation or other means of abuse to diminish the victim’s sensing of identity, dignity, and self-worth. The ET’s adept ability to manipulate - with the express goal of causing fear and terror - is purposeful and deliberate. When the ET has gained sufficient influence, executed ongoing threats, achieved power and control, and perpetrated unrelenting cruelty and torture, the ET’s merciless antics render their victim helpless and hopeless, which will likely cause permanent damage and continue to impact their lives, long after the relationship has terminated. The looming dread of imminent doom leaves a lasting fear of reprisal (for attempting to break free of their reign of terror) and leaves the victim with life-long painful, crippling memories. Because of the massive destruction to psyche and soul, most victims NEVER recover from the effects of emotional terrorism.” (Engebretsen-Stopczynski, K. E. 06 June 2014, delivered at the 46th Annual AASECT Conference in Monterey, CA). Copyright 2013-2014 ©. All rights reserved.

 The Pilot study is designed to gather information that will be used to create an AFTER CARE Workbook. The Book will be a hands-on, pen and paper edition which is anticipated to assist victims of extreme emotional abuse (Emotional Terrorism) re-discover the SELF who was damaged by the E. T. and become victorious in life once again.

 Dr. Karen and Company are recruiting the sample from community-wide Internet Connections via LinkedIn and Social Media, world-wide. We are specifically looking for women (who can understand and communicate in ENGLISH) who were successful and accomplished BEFORE succumbing to her E.T. Predator.

This project is independently funded Dr. Karen E Engebretsen-Stopczynski and Karen E. Engebretsen, PsyD, LLC and ARE NOT offering money to participate in this study. She and her corporation are not affiliated with any commercial entities, or universities, and are not receiving donations from same either.

Compensation for participation to all participants who complete the questionnaire will receive a FREE (down-loadable) COPY of the TATTERED AND TORN BY AN EMOTIONALTERRORIST: THE JOURNEY BACK TO SELF WOKRBOOK once it is completed.  

If you believe that you have been a victim of E. T. (as defined above) and wish to learn more about this opportunity and/or register to take part, please go to the FORMS section of this website and click on the INFORMED CONSENT for RESEARCH PROJECT. Please fill out the form, SIGN IT, SCAN IT in PDF format, and send to In the subject bar write "RESEARCH PARTICIPANT" to make sure you are included in the study. Once the form is received, a copy of the questionnaire will be sent to you to complete and return. 

I thank you for your consideration of participating in this important research project. Your VALUABLE CONTRIBUTON to this project, and for all you will do to improve the lives of victims of traumatic stress secondary to Emotional Terrorism, is appreciated.



Dr. Karen E Engebretsen-Stopczynski (AKA Dr. Karen)

Karen E. Engebretsen, PsyD, LLC