This office is not on any insurance panels, so utilization of insurance benefits is the sole responsibility of the patient.

 If using insurance benefits, you understand that PAYMENT IN FULL is due when services are rendered regardless of insurance company schedule of reimbursement or benefits coverage to you. Billing statements may be prepared on behalf of the patient as a courtesy by the therapist but patients will be FULLY responsible for collecting all monies owed.


  1. Explain that you want to see me OUT OF NETWORK
  2. They will ask for my name, address, zip code and credentials.
  3. You need to ask for rate for the INITIAL VISIT (code 90801) and for follow-up visits (90806).
  4. Note: there are different rates for phone sessions and in-office face-to-face sessions.
  5. Ask what their rate (percentage) of coverage is and whether they reimburse on my FULL FEE or a PERCENTAGE of my fee. The fee schedule is outlined on the FEE SCHEDULE section so you can use these figures to determine how much out-of-pocket expenses you will have.

These fees and policies are subject to change, but you will be notified in writing when changes are made.