By Karen E. Engebretsen, Psy.D. LLC.


Male Sexual Secrets,

by  Robert Winter & Jeffrey Rutgard, M.D.,

(Avatar, Inc; New York, NY 1999)



   Male Sexual Secrets was written to educate men about their bodies and sexual functioning. Several of the topics include issues related to controlling premature ejaculation, prolonging the length of erection, increasing the intensity of orgasm and becoming multi-orgasmic.


   Chapter one outlines the “facts” about possible causes for erectile problems based on current research and the authors encourage men to seek counsel from the medical community to rule out any possibility of organic impairment before implementing techniques to improve sexual functioning.


     The following chapters address “natural ways to strengthen your erection” which include basic overall body exercises as well as ways to strengthen the PC muscle. Also discussed are the issues related to weight loss, vitamin therapy, and hormone deficiency, as they effect and have an impact on erectile function. An entire chapter is also dedicated to the use of Viagra and various look-a-like alternatives and how to weigh the benefits and risks of using this method to increase sexual pleasure.


   Increasing semen production using various methods is also addressed. The authors discuss how prolonged stimulation, masturbation, abstinence, fantasy of sexual thoughts and various behavioral techniques effect increased semen production and premature ejaculation. They also touch on the role that vitamin E and an increased intake of lecithin have on semen production.


   Subsequent chapters explore relationship factors, which play a role in matters of intimacy, although this section could be expanded upon. Much more attention is place on helping the male understand the female’s sexual response than dealing with feelings of the heart and need for closeness. Moreover, far too little attention is given to same sex partnering and sexual expression.


     In general, I think the book was very well written. They authors use a refreshing sense of humor to explain material which might otherwise be experienced as threatening which could lead to defensiveness and a closed mind. They also use vocabulary that the general public can understand which allows it to be a good reference resource for clinicians to use for patient education. Having already recommended it to several patients, I can personally vouch for the book’s ability to enhance the overall therapy process.


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