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Dr. Karen E. Engebretsen-Stopczynski, PsyD, LLC

Licensed Psychologist & Board Certified Sex Therapist
Contact Me: 954-779-2855

Dr. Karen E. Engebretsen-Stopczynski specializes in addictions, sexuality and relationship concerns and trauma related disorders. Her practical and sensitive treatment approach to these sometimes challenging issues, offers individual’s a unique opportunity to cultivate new ways of thinking about themselves and others.

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It’s all about Respect
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Over the years, I have recommended many books and articles which focus on mental health problems and relationship concerns. Yet, I have not found one single book that offers up-to-date information that addresses the unique marital issues and points of contention contemporary couples face today.

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Couple Affirmation Book
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Although we live in an era where men and women regularly exchange roles, roles that were once defined as “female only” (“Oh, that’s a man’s job”) or “male only” (“Don’t be a sissy, that’s women’s work”), the truth is, some individuals are just better at some tasks than others, regardless of gender!

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An Opportunity for Change
Have you been tormented in the process of seeking love? Do you have difficulty in relationships with significant others, family members, or coworkers?
Dr. Karen’s caring and sensitive approach is dedicated to helping individuals, couples, and families understand how early childhood experiences may have contributed to unhealthy behaviors which can impede healthy intimacy and attachment with others.
Dr. Karen E. Engebretsen-Stopczynski, PsyD, LLC
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